Power Plant Instrumentation


Teaching scheme                                                                     Examination Scheme

 Lectures: 3 hrs/week                                                              Mid- Sem Test– 30 marks,

                                                                           Assignments and Quizzes- 20 marks,

                                                                                              End Sem  Exam - 50 marks

Unit 1:         

Power plant: Unit, overview, Types of boiler, Exhaust Gas Boilers and Incinerators,  turbine generators, condensers, material handling systems. Comparison of thermal power plant, hydroelectric power plant, Nuclear power plant, solar power plant, Wind power plant.                                                                                                           [07 hrs]


Unit 2:

Boiler Instrumentation: Control and optimization, Combustion control, air to fuel ratio control, 3-element drum level control, steam temperature and pressure control, oxygen/CO2 in flue gases, furnace draft, boiler interlocks, sequence event recorder, supervisor control, data acquisition controls, burner management systems and controllers. Start-up and shut-down procedures, Boiler safety standard, Boiler inspection procedures. Boiler load calculation, boiler efficiency calculation.                  [07 hrs]

Unit 3:

Instrumentation for Boiler ancillaries viz. water treatment, electro-static precipitator, soot blower, economizer, de aerator, super heater, chemical dosing systems, air pre-heater, coal and ash handling systems, fuel storage and distribution, Bag House Filters.

[07 hrs]

Unit 4:

Turbine instrumentation and control, start-up and shut-down , thermal stress control, condition monitoring & power distribution instrumentation. Synchronous, Induction generators                                                                                                         [07 hrs]


Unit 5:

Hydroelectric power generation, regulation & monitoring of voltage & frequency of output power. Pollution & effluent monitoring & control. Energy Management, electrical sub-station controls.                                                                                         [07 hrs]

Unit 6:

Power Generation using non-conventional energy sources viz. Wind Power, solar Power, Tidal Power, Plant safety & redundancies. Nuclear Power Generation & control Station.  Diesel Generator Controls                                                                                 [07 hrs]




Text Books:

·         Energy Technology Handbook ,Considine D.M.,MGH

·         Process Control ,B.G. Liptak

·         Solar Energy Technology Vol. I & II by Dicknson & Chereminoff (Dekker)

·         Efficient Boiler Operation source book by Payane & Thompson

·         Energy management Handbook by W.C. turner.


Reference Books:

    • Computer Based Industrial control by Krishna Kant.
    • Distributed Computer Control for industrial Automation by Bhatkar (dekkar)